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YOU Can Make A Great Laundromat

Great laundromat for millennials

A Truly Great Laundromat? As the owner or potential investor of a laundromat, you’ve probably noticed a growing trend! Laundromats are no longer dingy, dirty rooms in shopping plazas that people try to avoid. Instead, there is an ever growing…

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Laundromat Startup

remove pandemonium from laundromat startup

Removing Pandemonium From Laundromat Startup Do you remember the first time you stepped into a laundromat? I certainly do! I was in my first year of college and was scared about trying to figure out how to put money into…

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Why Should I Invest in a Laundromat

Why Should I Invest in a Laundrfomat

If you’re looking to invest in a business, there’s a good chance a laundromat has never crossed your mind. But why not? Laundromats are recession-proof – people need to do their laundry. Couple those needs, with a convenient location and…

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