LES, Inc. offers financing options from the laundry industry’s top financing institutions. We will assist you through the entire financing process. From filling out the financial application to submitting the application, following it through the process with all proper information to completion and final closing on the property, purchase of location or new equipment order. Years of experience make this process painless and simple.

Business Brokerage

LES, Inc. assists owners who wish to sell their business. We analyze the age of the business and equipment, competition in your area, financial strength of buyer and the location to help you determine the value of your business. We work with qualified buyers to assist with the purchase of existing stores or construction of new businesses.

Demographic Reports

We utilize national demographic services to help you evaluate the dynamics of your proposed location and prospective customers. This service also provides information on area competitors, which will assist you in your site selection and type of operation.

Layout and Design

LES, Inc. can provide professional engineering plans to maximize the use of floor space while creating a comfortable and useable environment for your customer. Machine type and placement, HVAC requirements, available utilities and drop-off service all affect the expenses of the operation and the overall profitability of your store.

Water Heater Sizing

We analyze the equipment mix, how water consumption, desired temperature and water storage, correctly sizing to help reduce utility costs. We recommend and install water heaters with an efficiency rating of up to 99%.

On-Site Consulting

We meet with our clients to learn their needs. We will then assist with appropriate equipment selections and a marketing plan (both pre-opening and annual).


LES, Inc. provides competitive pricing for both new equipment installations as well as replacement of existing equipment. We offer quality equipment with professional installations and maintenance. Labor warranty for any equipment we install is no additional charge. Commercial Washers and Dryers as well as all necessary ancillary equipment needed to properly operate a laundromat including: Laundry Carts, Vending Machines, Bulkhead and Drain Troughs, Coin and Card Change Systems, Complete Store Card Systems, Steel Mounting Frames and Water Heaters.