Introductory / Preliminary

  • Select a Location-
    L.E.S. will work directly with the client to determine the proper location per financial requirements, area of interest, etc.
  • Demographic Survey and Area Study-
    Industry specific Census interpreted information to determine size of location, machine mix, etc.
  • Architect Preliminary Layout-
    Initial design of the floor plan with equipment mix and layout, best suited for budget and demographic suggestions
  • Negotiate Contracts and Leases-
    Laundry Equipment Services will work directly with the landlords, financial institutions, manufacturer and the client for expedited service and success.

  • Secure Finance-
    L.E.S. will supply all necessary equipment and location information needed for leases/loans as a liaison to the financial institutions on the investor’s behalf. We will assist our clients throughout this process.
  • Hire Contractor and Review Layout-
    Laundry Equipment Services once again will work with investors to establish the proper construction crews to finish the build-out or renovations.
  • Develop Blueprint and Equipment Selection/Mix-
    With the information gathered from the demographics, architectural layouts, and financial institutions, L.E.S. will determine with the investor the best possible mix of equipment for optimal Return On Investment.

Installation and Construction Period

  • Construction / Renovation-
    The process of build-out or renovation
  • Preliminary Installation-
    Such installation will include fabricated bulkheads and washer extractor frames
  • Equipment installation-
    The actual installation of the commercial laundry equipment and the ancillary items such as soap vending, changers, etc.
  • Determine Technological Specifications-
    Previously determined technological options of coin or card system equipment will be installed accordingly

Post Installation

  • Equipment Start-Up-
    L.E.S. will initiate a trial run of every piece of machinery in the Laundromat to ensure proper mechanical operation
  • Training-
    Laundry Equipment Services will go through every piece of machinery with the owners, managers, and attendants and ensure proper machine knowledge and maintenance routines
  • Marketing and Advertising-
    We will present a multitude of advertising and marketing options available to the investors in this industry. Manufacturer and Distributor knowledge will be very useful.
  • Other Ancillary Business-
    Other ancillary businesses are available to optimize floor space and add to your profits; such as drop off laundry services and collaboration with dry cleaners, vending machines, etc.